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Peter Cole is the Lead Trainer behind Pattaya Personal Trainers. When asked why he does personal training in Pattaya Cole's answer was so simple. <br><br> Peter, why do you train others? <br><br> <em>"I love my work and I love helping<br> others. Work is not work when<br> you are doing what you love to do."</em><br><br> Cole does not have a one size fits all training package he is trying to sell, in his words.<br><br> <em>"I get results."</em> Coles methods are well rounded and will look into all aspects of your life. He will get in your head and motivate you to be a better version of yourself. He can coach you in a multitude of martial arts, such as MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jit-su, Muay Thai, K1 and kickboxing. Other forms of training can include plyometrics, strength training, weight loss, injury recovery, yoga calisthenics, weight training, and spinning. He teaches the Basic Bike at Sanit Sport Club regularly and for those looking for a hardcore workout he also does the TRX training that was started by the Navy SEALS.<br><br> Cole learns as much as he teaches and he is always on the lookout for other great trainers and coaches. The goal of Pattaya Personal Trainers is two fold. First it will serve as a platform for Peter Cole to share his knowledge with current and future clients as well as other coaches. Second the website will feature other coaches that have been vetted by Cole that will diversify the training possibilities to be offered at Pattaya Personal Trainers. Cole never has believed he can do it alone. Just as with sports it takes a team. He is great at motivating and training as well as learning and in the digital age it is so easy to share the knowledge and bring people together. <br><br> Pattaya Personal Trainers is a place for experienced coaches and trainers to interact with and share experiences and tips with current and future clients as well as each other. Topics such as nutrition and supplements may be addressed. Cole has vast knowledge on this, and is adamantly against buying things for the sake of buying them and does continual research on natural alternatives.<br><br> The aim of Pattaya Personal Trainers is to assist you in locating the right trainer for you. Pattaya is a small town with expats from all over the world. If Peter is not the right trainer for you, you can be he will help you find the trainer that is right for your situation. Everyone has different needs.<br><br> If you have any questions regarding, health, wellness, nutrition, weight loss, or life in general <a href="/contact-us/" target="_blank">Peter and Pattaya Personal Trainers would love to hear from you.</a>