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Peter Cole is the Lead Trainer behind Pattaya Personal Trainers. When asked why he does personal training in Pattaya Cole's answer was so simple.

Peter, why do you train others?

"I love my work and I love helping
others. Work is not work when
you are doing what you love to do."

Cole does not have a one size fits all training package he is trying to sell, in his words.

"I get results." Coles methods are well rounded and will look into all aspects of your life. He will get in your head and motivate you to be a better version of yourself. He can coach you in a multitude of martial arts, such as MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jit-su, Muay Thai, K1 and kickboxing. Other forms of training can include plyometrics, strength training, weight loss, injury recovery, yoga calisthenics, weight training, and spinning. He teaches the Basic Bike at Sanit Sport Club regularly and for those looking for a hardcore workout he also does the TRX training that was started by the Navy SEALS.

Cole learns as much as he teaches and he is always on the lookout for other great trainers and coaches. The goal of Pattaya Personal Trainers is two fold. First it will serve as a platform for Peter Cole to share his knowledge with current and future clients as well as other coaches. Second the website will feature other coaches that have been vetted by Cole that will diversify the training possibilities to be offered at Pattaya Personal Trainers. Cole never has believed he can do it alone. Just as with sports it takes a team. He is great at motivating and training as well as learning and in the digital age it is so easy to share the knowledge and bring people together.

Pattaya Personal Trainers is a place for experienced coaches and trainers to interact with and share experiences and tips with current and future clients as well as each other. Topics such as nutrition and supplements may be addressed. Cole has vast knowledge on this, and is adamantly against buying things for the sake of buying them and does continual research on natural alternatives.

The aim of Pattaya Personal Trainers is to assist you in locating the right trainer for you. Pattaya is a small town with expats from all over the world. If Peter is not the right trainer for you, you can be he will help you find the trainer that is right for your situation. Everyone has different needs.

If you have any questions regarding, health, wellness, nutrition, weight loss, or life in general Peter and Pattaya Personal Trainers would love to hear from you.



Tuna Tezel

Tuna, Turkish, 40 year old

I worked with Peter for three months. I was pleased that he was my PT because he pushed me further and motivated me. He taught me some helpful moves which put me in shape.

Mike Ruddick
Semi-retired resident of Soi Siam Country Club

58 year old male

Having joined the Sanit Sports Club approximately 2 months ago, I quickly appreciated the quality and range of fitness equipment available, along with the polite staff in the gym. To get the best from the sports club, in terms of personal time available, personal work out experience and value for money, I quickly decided the guidance of Peter Cole, the sports club manager, and personal trainer, was the best option for me. Working out with Peter involved an early assessment of my general health, review of my eating habits and personal reasons for taking a membership. From there we have worked together approx. 3 times a week over the last 6 weeks. and it has been both physically tough, but extremely enjoyable and a great learning experience. Workouts have covered weights, aerobic and general conditioning. This has kept it interesting, whilst being able to push myself with new exercises. I have now supplemented the personally focused workouts with Peter, with his spinning classes twice a week

Deepika Ravindranath

Deepi, 28yrs

3 months back I realized that I needed to get myself back on track as far as my fitness was concerned. I choose Peter because I found him to be extremely professional in his approach and he fit my needs for what i was looking for.My sessions were really fun and exciting. I am happy that I have improved in areas of strength, flexibility and gaining more muscle and overall feel good about myself. He keeps me motivated and energized all the time while working out. Its wonderful working with you!Thanks Peter for all your guidance.


Gina 45 Years Mother of 2

I hadn't trained in more than a year after relocating to a new country, so my fitness and strength had deteriorated. Working with Peter has been great, his infinite experience and knowledge in his field have meant that in a short span of time I am doing exercises I would never have attempted on my own, or under my previous trainer. I love that my work outs are varied each session and that I get a well-rounded work out that combines strength and aerobic activities. Peter's obvious understanding of body types, strengths, and weaknesses coupled with my own training expectations has meant that each session is targeted and challenging but they are sessions I can walk away from and have a real sense of achievement. Finally, Peter's clear understanding of human biomechanics and his focus on technical correctness when performing exercises gives me the confidence to push myself that bit harder.



I just wanted to say thank you for the stretching instructions. it’s been almost 3 weeks of doing my stretches daily, as per your recommendations and my glute muscles are much better also my limp is practically gone. I think I'd like to work on fat burning next! Cheers, Albert

Nicholas White

Nicholas White

I am a 60 year old male that needed to increase my fitness level, reduce weight and improve stamina. Peter has been my personal trainer for about 4 months and has been a key factor in helping me stay on course and meet my objectives. Peter is able to keep the training sessions interesting by varying the routines regularly. Peter has an extensive knowledge of muscle groups, bones and potential effects of injuries. I was able to address rarely used muscles and even after injuries from other sports, I was able to continue my training while allowing recovery. I highly recommend him as a personal trainer and I would not train without his expert advice.

Nonie Adams

Nonie Adams

I highly recommend Peter Cole as a personal trainer. He has an impressive depth and range of knowledge with regards to fitness, exercise and the body's physiology. Peter's training sessions always make the very best use of time available in creative, interesting and fun ways. Peter challenges his clients to go above and beyond that of which they think they are capable. He introduces clients to new ways of training so that best use of personal exercise time can be made. Peter makes full use of a range of equipment and techniques to ensure client engagement, progress and attainment. Peter is a highly effective personal trainer.


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